Perth’s Top 15 Wedding Venues (2024)

Choosing a wedding venue is a pivotal decision it sets the stage for your special day. The venue not only reflects your personal style and wedding theme but also influences the atmosphere, guest experience, and overall flow of the event.

By Perth Bride

Last Updated 12 Jan, 2024

To help you find the best place to host your special day, we have meticulously reviewed and compiled a list of the top wedding venues in Perth.

This exclusive selection is based on a myriad of factors including ambiance, service quality, scenic beauty, and the unique experiences they offer.

Each venue on our list stands out for its ability to provide an enchanting backdrop for your special day, ensuring that every moment is steeped in elegance and charm.

Pullman Bunker Bay Resort

This luxurious beachfront venue in Naturaliste is a haven for couples seeking a blend of elegance and nature. Perfect for both intimate and grand weddings, the Pullman Bunker Bay Resort offers breathtaking ocean views and manicured gardens.

With first class service and diverse venue options, it suits those desiring a serene, yet upscale wedding experience. The resort’s versatility makes it ideal for personalised wedding themes, from beachfront ceremonies to sophisticated receptions.

Beaumonde on the Point

Located in East Perth, Beaumonde on the Point combines waterfront serenity with urban sophistication. This venue is ideal for couples seeking a balance of city charm and tranquil river views.

The Ball Room and sprawling terrace provide options for both grand receptions and intimate gatherings.

With its modern facilities and stunning backdrop of city lights, it’s perfect for couples looking for a contemporary yet romantic wedding setting.

Burswood on Swan

Overlooking the Swan River, Burswood on Swan is a blend of scenic beauty and contemporary elegance.

Ideal for those who appreciate minimalist design with a touch of grandeur, it offers both indoor and outdoor options for personalised weddings.

With its ability to cater to various tastes and preferences, this venue is suited for couples seeking a versatile space that combines urban sophistication with natural charm.

COAST Port Beach

This North Fremantle venue offers a quintessential beach wedding experience. With its panoramic Indian Ocean views, COAST Port Beach is perfect for couples dreaming of a relaxed, seaside wedding.

The venue’s beachfront location, combined with the elegant Boathouse, provides versatility for both casual and formal receptions.

Suited for those who love the ocean breeze and sunset backdrops, it’s ideal for unforgettable beach ceremonies and stylish receptions.

Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club

Nestled in Peppermint Grove, this venue boasts breathtaking waterfront views. Ideal for luxury weddings, it offers a range of indoor and outdoor spaces, suited for both intimate gatherings and grand celebrations.

Couples seeking a blend of elegance and nautical charm will find the Royal Freshwater Bay Yacht Club perfect.

The stunning views of the Swan River and the venue’s prestigious setting make it a top choice for upscale, memorable weddings. 

Coogee Beach Functions & Events

Located in Coogee, this venue offers a stunning 180-degree view of the Indian Ocean. Ideal for large, picturesque ceremonies, it also has a more intimate Ken Hodgkinson Room.

Perfect for couples seeking a beachfront wedding with the flexibility of a large outdoor space and an intimate indoor option. .

The balcony views and ocean backdrop make it suitable for those wanting a serene yet breathtaking wedding experience. 

Araluen Botanic Park

Situated in Roleystone, this venue is enveloped in natural beauty, featuring exotic gardens and lakeside views. Ideal for garden weddings and nature lovers, it provides a tranquil and romantic setting.

The Forest Deck Marquee and surrounding natural scenery make it perfect for couples seeking an enchanting outdoor ceremony and reception amidst lush greenery and floral landscapes.

Lily Farm House

Quietly tucked away in the scenic Swan Valley, Lily Farm House offers a charming, rustic setting.

This family-owned venue is ideal for couples looking for a cozy yet elegant atmosphere amidst nature. Its natural rammed earth walls and lush green grounds provide a picturesque backdrop.

Suitable for those who desire a blend of rustic charm and intimate luxury, Lily Farm House is perfect for creating a warm, inviting wedding experience.

RiverBank Estate

Located in Caversham, this award-winning winery and restaurant offers a blend of sophistication and natural beauty.

Ideal for couples seeking a vineyard setting with contemporary touches, it provides stunning views and gourmet dining options.

Suited for those who appreciate fine wines and modern design, RiverBank Estate is perfect for an elegant, memorable wedding celebration.

Darlington Estate Winery

This rustic winery, set in the picturesque landscape of Darlington, is perfect for couples seeking a serene, country-style wedding.

The venue’s natural setting, combined with its intimate and rustic charm, provides a cozy and romantic atmosphere.

Ideal for those who love the allure of vineyard weddings, Darlington Estate Winery offers a unique and relaxed experience, surrounded by nature’s beauty and the estate’s exquisite wines.

Quarry Farm

Quarry Farm in Whitby stands out with its rustic charm and extensive grounds.

This venue is perfect for those looking for a country-style wedding with plenty of space for customization.

The homestead and outdoor settings offer a mix of rustic elegance and natural beauty, ideal for couples wanting a unique, relaxed, and picturesque wedding day.

Mulberry Estate

Situated in Caversham, Mulberry Estate offers a blend of elegance and natural charm.

With its beautiful garden ceremonies and spacious reception rooms, this venue is ideal for couples looking for a classic yet versatile setting.

The estate’s stunning views and manicured gardens make it perfect for those desiring a picturesque and serene wedding experience.

Barrett Lane

Hidden in Swan Valley, Barrett Lane exudes a unique charm, ideal for couples seeking a secluded yet enchanting wedding venue.

Known for its panoramic views and flexible dining options, it caters to those who desire a romantic setting that combines natural beauty with personalised touches.

The venue’s blend of picturesque surroundings and charming facilities makes it perfect for a fairy-tale-like wedding experience.

Sandalford Wines

Located in Caversham, this historic vineyard offers a picturesque setting for weddings.

With gardens, courtyards, and an Oak Room, it’s ideal for those who appreciate a blend of history and elegance.

Suitable for wine lovers and couples seeking a unique vineyard experience, Sandalford Wines provides a memorable backdrop for a dream wedding. 

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