Perth’s Top 7 Wedding Celebrants (2024)

Choosing the right marriage celebrant can make a significant difference in the tone and feel of your wedding ceremony. A celebrant sets the stage for the type of ceremony you want, whether it's traditional, modern, quirky, or something completely unique. Perth, known for its vibrant culture and beautiful landscapes, is home to some of the most talented and diverse celebrants in Australia.

By Perth Bride

Last Updated 19 Jan, 2024

Our list is not just about popularity but about quality, personality, and the unique touch each celebrant brings to your special day.

From the traditional to the unconventional, these professionals have been handpicked based on their outstanding service, creativity, and ability to connect with couples to create a truly memorable experience.

So whether you’re dreaming of a beachfront vow exchange or a chic urban affair, our curated list of the best 7 marriage celebrants in Perth will guide you to the perfect fit for your big day. Get ready to be inspired by their passion, dedication, and flair for crafting unforgettable wedding ceremonies.

Josh Henderson 

Josh is a self-proclaimed “Good Vibe Guru” who offers a unique and personalised approach to wedding ceremonies.

He emphasises creating celebrations that reflect the unique personalities of the couples, focusing on making the event fun, personal, and memorable.

His services are comprehensive, extending beyond just officiating the ceremony to include aspects like vow assistance, music selection, and day-of coordination.

Josh’s approach is all about ensuring that the wedding ceremony is an enjoyable, stress-free experience for the couple and their guests.

Eddie Lemos Couto

Known for his fun, quirky, and engaging style, Eddie brings a unique touch to wedding ceremonies. He’s not your traditional celebrant; he infuses ceremonies with his passion for storytelling, often drawing from his interests in comics, movies, and pop culture. This approach ensures that each wedding is both fun and deeply personal, reflecting the couple’s story and passions.

Couples who have worked with Eddie praise his ability to make ceremonies memorable, lively, and enjoyable, often highlighting his skill in crafting ceremonies that are both fun and romantic. He is known for his ability to write and narrate the couple’s journey in a way that resonates with everyone present, making the ceremony not only a formal occasion but also an entertaining and heartfelt experience.

Eddie’s ceremonies are celebrated for their modern, fun, and charming style. His approach is all about bringing the couple’s stories and passions to the forefront, ensuring that guests have a great time. He is recognised for his ability to make ceremonies a highlight of the wedding day, creating moments filled with laughter, joy, and sometimes even happy tears.

For those seeking a celebrant who can bring a unique and enjoyable flavor to their wedding while ensuring a professional and personalized service, Eddie comes highly recommended.

Anne Miller

Anne Miller is celebrated for her engaging, personalised, and professional approach to wedding ceremonies.

With extensive experience since 2013, Anne has gained recognition for her ability to create unique and memorable ceremonies tailored to each couple’s individual story and preferences. Her services encompass a wide range of options including full-service ceremonies with all the embellishments, elopements, registry-style marriages, vow renewals, and commitment ceremonies, catering to diverse needs and preferences.

Anne’s approach is centered on making the wedding process easy and stress-free for couples. She offers valuable guidance throughout the planning stage and ensures that every aspect of the ceremony reflects the couple’s wishes. Her packages are comprehensive, including legal services, personalized vow cards, and a commemorative marriage certificate. For couples who want to write their own vows, Anne provides a vow coaching session and a “Wedding Vow Inspo” guide to assist them in creating meaningful and heartfelt vows.

Anne’s ceremonies are known for being light-hearted and relaxed, focusing on making the wedding day enjoyable and memorable for both the couple and their guests. Her expertise extends beyond just officiating weddings; she also offers premarital counseling and handles all legal documentations and registrations, ensuring a seamless experience for the couples.

Aisha Puchert

Aisha brings a unique blend of warmth, humour, and professionalism to every ceremony, making her a popular choice for couples seeking a celebrant who can add a special touch to their wedding day.

Aisha’s approach is highly personalised; she prides herself on crafting bespoke ceremonies that reflect the individuality and love story of each couple. With her extensive experience of over 400 weddings in just 2.5 years, Aisha has demonstrated her ability to create memorable and joyous ceremonies.

Aisha offers a variety of well-priced wedding packages, catering to different needs and preferences. These packages range from simple, no-fuss ceremonies to full-service options that include personalized vows, all legal paperwork, and the use of a PA system and signing desk. She also offers unique options like courthouse weddings at the Old Courthouse Fremantle, providing a fuss-free, elegantly styled ceremony.

Clients consistently praise Aisha for her outstanding service, noting her ability to make ceremonies engaging, warm, and tailored to their stories. Many reviews highlight her kindness, energy, and exceptional organizational skills, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience for couples.

Candice Bydder

Candice is renowned for her fun, modern ceremonies.

Her experience as a journalist, working in various media for a decade, has honed her storytelling skills, making her adept at crafting engaging love stories for wedding ceremonies. She specializes in elopements and smaller weddings, but is equally capable of handling larger celebrations. Her approach is environmentally friendly and focused on providing a stress-free, flexible, and intimate experience for the couple.

Candice’s expertise extends to a diverse range of ceremonies, welcoming all cultures, abilities, themes, and fandoms. She is LGBTQI+ friendly and emphasizes inclusivity in her services. Her pricing is described as mid-range, ensuring dedicated, personalised service without excessively expensive keepsakes. Starting prices for her services are around $850, with a range extending up to $900, offering couples various options to suit their needs.

Her accolades include being named Australia’s Best Marriage Celebrant in the 2022 Australian Wedding Awards and winning multiple other awards for her outstanding work as a celebrant. Candice is known for her ability to adapt to the couple’s preferences, whether they desire a hands-on approach to planning their ceremony or prefer to leave the details to her expertise. Additionally, her background in video and audio broadcasting ensures that every important moment is clearly heard and cherished.

Candice’s service is based in Kardinya, WA, but she is willing to conduct ceremonies throughout Western Australia and even in the Indian Ocean Territories. Her reputation is bolstered by positive reviews and ratings, highlighting her commitment to creating memorable and happy wedding experiences.

Liz Manera

Liz is recognised for her engaging and personalised approach to wedding ceremonies. She is known for creating fun, light-hearted weddings that are highly memorable for both couples and guests. Her style is described as balancing fun with tradition, ensuring that the ceremonies include all the desired elements while also featuring the unique story of the couple. Liz’s expertise in crafting ceremonies that are not just formalities, but entertaining and moving parts of the wedding day, has been highly praised.

Her process involves getting to know the couple through meetings and a detailed questionnaire, which aids her in designing a ceremony that truly reflects their story and personalities. Liz is open to accommodating different types of weddings, whether they are large, small, formal, or relaxed, and she promises a ceremony as unique as the couple themselves.

Pricing for Liz Manera’s services ranges from $450 to $1100, catering to various preferences and budgets. She is also flexible in terms of attire for the ceremony, willing to match the couple’s color scheme or dress according to the theme of the wedding, albeit possibly with an additional fee for costume.

Couples have consistently given positive feedback about Liz’s services, highlighting her ability to create a ceremony full of meaning and love, tailored to the couple’s specific needs. They have commended her for being funny, engaging, easy to communicate with, and very friendly.

Liz stands out as a celebrant who is committed to creating engaging, fun, and meaningful ceremonies that reflect the couple’s personal story and journey. Her professional and stress-free approach, along with her ability to cater to a wide range of wedding styles, makes her a highly recommended choice for couples in Perth.

Steve Mummery

Steve is renowned for his engaging and personalised approach to wedding ceremonies.

With a background in media, including a decade as the CEO of Channel 7’s Telethon and experience in radio, Steve brings a confident and professional presence to his role as a celebrant.

His style is noted for being light-hearted, engaging, and unique, perfectly tailored to the couple’s personalities. Couples have consistently praised Steve for his ability to make their ceremonies special and memorable, often highlighting his skill in storytelling and his thoughtful attention to detail. His ceremonies are described as entertaining and heartfelt, with many guests reportedly commenting on them as some of the best they’ve ever witnessed.

Steve’s pricing for wedding ceremonies ranges from $500 to $1,250, varying based on the couple’s specific needs and requests. He offers a range of services, from simple “legals only” ceremonies to more elaborate events with all the “bells and whistles”. This flexibility allows couples to find a package that suits their style and budget.

In addition to his celebrant services, Steve also offers advice and tips for wedding planning, reflecting his extensive experience in the industry. He is praised for his professionalism and his ability to create a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere, ensuring that the wedding day is both meaningful and stress-free for the couple.

Overall, Steve is celebrated for his personal touch, his ability to craft ceremonies that truly reflect the couple’s journey, and his professional yet approachable demeanour, making him a highly recommended choice for couples in Perth looking for a unique and memorable wedding ceremony.

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