Perth’s Top 8 Wedding Photographers (2024)

A great wedding photographer does not just document the events, but also encapsulates the emotions, atmosphere, and unique moments of the day. These images become more than memories; they are timeless treasures that recount your love story for generations

By Perth Bride

Last Updated 20 Jan, 2024

To help you to find the best person to capture your special day, we have carefully evaluated and curate a list of some of the top wedding photographers in Perth.

Each photographer on our list has been selected based on their artistic style, professionalism, quality of work, client reviews, and their ability to capture the essence of a wedding day in a way that is both beautiful and unique.

These photographers are not just skilled in their craft; they are storytellers who have a remarkable ability to freeze time, capturing moments that you will cherish for a lifetime. 

Ella Otranto Photography

Ella has swiftly risen to prominence in the wedding photography industry, thanks to her remarkable ability to capture the essence of a couple’s special day. Her photographic style is a blend of classic elegance and contemporary flair, making her a standout choice for those seeking a unique and timeless record of their wedding.

One of the most striking aspects of Ella’s work is her adept use of natural light, which she employs to create soft, romantic, and truly ethereal images. This natural approach ensures that the photographs appear both dreamy and authentic, capturing the genuine emotions and atmosphere of the wedding day.

Ella’s commitment to her craft is evident in her attention to detail. She has an exceptional eye for capturing the intimate moments often missed by others. Whether it’s a loving glance, a spontaneous laugh, or a tearful embrace, Ella’s photos tell a comprehensive story of the wedding day, filled with both grand moments and subtle nuances.

What sets Ella apart is her ability to make her subjects feel completely at ease. Her warm, approachable personality, combined with her professionalism, creates a relaxed environment for the couples. This comfort translates into photographs that are natural, unforced, and truly reflective of the couple’s personality and love story.

Ella’s post-production skills are equally impressive. She has a deft touch in editing that enhances the photos without overdoing it, retaining the natural beauty and authenticity of each shot. The final album is not just a collection of photos, but a cohesive, beautifully crafted narrative of the couple’s special day.

For couples in Perth seeking a wedding photographer who can provide a blend of traditional elegance and modern sophistication, Ella Otranto is an exceptional choice. Her ability to capture the essence of a couple’s love story through her lens is truly remarkable, making her one of the top wedding photographers to consider for your special day

Ricky Gestro

Ricky’s photography has garnered positive attention for its unique blend of capturing both classic romance and lively, party moments in weddings.

He is recognised for his ability to encapsulate the full spectrum of the wedding day, from the intimate, romantic exchanges to the vibrant, high-energy party scenes. His work stands out for its cool and classic style, balancing these two aspects seamlessly.

Clients have praised his dedication, noting that he and his team don’t just work throughout the event but stay on as guests, fully immersing themselves in the atmosphere and capturing the essence of the night.

This commitment to capturing the entire vibe of the wedding day is a standout feature of his photography.

Love Your Story Photography

Love Your Story Photography, led by Tracey, specialises in fine art wedding and elopement photography, serving areas including Perth, Swan Valley, Dunsborough, Margaret River, Australia, and tropical islands like Bali and Thailand.

Tracey’s approach combines digital and film photography to create a unique, comprehensive collection of images that narrate the couple’s story with depth and richness. Her style is characterized by light, natural, and meaningful images that evoke emotions and capture the essence of moments.

Her work has been featured in notable publications, highlighting her editorial approach and ability to create timeless, love-filled stories through her photography.

Simone Harris

Simone is an award-winning wedding photographer who brings over two decades of experience to her craft.

She is known for her super chilled yet professional approach, ensuring couples have the best experience on their wedding day while capturing all key moments as they unfold.

Simone’s unobtrusive and relaxed style, coupled with a commitment to true colour photography, allows couples to remember their wedding day exactly as it was.

Simone’s work extends across Perth, the South West, and beyond, offering timeless and authentic representations of each wedding.

Dennis Tan Creative

Dennis Tan Creative is known for its honest, emotional, and intuitive photography style.

Dennis has received recognition in the field, being a finalist in the AIPP WA Epson Professional Photography Awards 2018 for Documentary Photographer of the Year and also making it to the top 4 in Australasia’s Top Emerging Photographers in the Sports Category in 2016 and 2018.

Dennis’ approach is described as fun, warm, and easy-going, contributing to a relaxed and rewarding photo experience.

The turnaround time for wedding photos is typically 4-8 weeks, and for engagement photos, 2-4 weeks, with a sneak peek available on social media within 2 weeks.

Dennis Tan has been recognised with several awards and accolades, including being a finalist for the International Wedding Photographer of the Year in 2021, Australia’s Top Emerging Wedding Photographer in 2020, and a finalist in several other categories across different years.

James Simmons

James Simmons Photography is renowned for its distinctive and innovative approach to wedding photography. The service has garnered high praise from clients for its ability to capture the essence and emotion of wedding days in a unique and artistic manner.

James’ skill in making them feel comfortable and relaxed, an important quality for capturing natural and candid moments. This attribute is particularly appreciated by those who aren’t typically at ease in front of the camera. His work is not just about taking pictures, but about creating an environment where the true spirit and joy of the occasion can shine through.

The photography style of James Simmons is noted for its edginess and artistic flair, straying from traditional posed photography to focus more on capturing the raw, candid moments that truly represent the day. This approach has earned him accolades and recognition within the industry, including significant awards.

Furthermore, the feedback from clients often revolves around their complete satisfaction with both the experience of working with James and the final photographic results. The ability to encapsulate the laughter, love, and unique moments of weddings into a visual narrative sets his service apart.

James is celebrated for his exceptional ability to capture the authentic and emotional moments of a wedding, providing couples with memories that are not just seen but felt. His innovative and artistic approach to wedding photography, combined with a keen eye for detail and emotion, makes his service highly sought after. 

Norman Yap Photography

Couples often commend Norman for his patience, creativity, and ability to capture the essence of their special day. His approach is often described as calm and creative, with an emphasis on making clients feel comfortable and at ease.

This client-centred approach seems to resonate well, with many clients feeling that their wedding photos are not just pictures but captured moments that reflect the ‘now or never’ sentiment of their special day.

The style of Norman Yap Photography is described as bold, ethereal, and affectionate, yielding timeless images that are visually captivating. The team’s dedication to their craft has earned them recognition as one of Perth’s outstanding wedding photographers.

The studio’s process includes design consultations, suggesting a tailored approach to each project. Norman Yap Photography’s services extend to various venues in and around Perth, including Swan Valley, Fremantle, and South-West WA, indicating their flexibility and familiarity with a range of locations. 

Cloud Imagery

Known for their expertise in capturing special moments, Cloud Imagery have earned a reputation for delivering high-quality photographs that vividly bring to life the memories of their clients’ most cherished occasions.

The photographers at Cloud Imagery are often praised for their professionalism and ability to create a comfortable and engaging environment for their subjects. This approach is particularly effective in capturing natural and spontaneous moments, adding an authentic touch to their work.

The team’s ability to combine technical skill with an artistic eye results in images that are not only visually stunning but also emotionally resonant. This balance of creativity and professionalism is a hallmark of their service.

Another aspect frequently highlighted in reviews is Cloud Imagery’s commitment to customer satisfaction. From initial consultations to the delivery of final images, they are known for their attentiveness and willingness to go above and beyond to meet the specific needs and preferences of their clients.

Cloud Imagery’s portfolio demonstrates a versatile range of photography, adept at capturing the essence of various events and occasions. Whether it’s a wedding, a family gathering, or any other special event, they have a proven track record of producing beautiful and memorable photographs.

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