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Weird and Wonderful Weddings

Revelling in the quirky and the offbeat, Perth Bride brings you the unusual, the wacky and the interesting in weddings.  Just for fun, but who knows what will inspire you?

No Frills Wedding?
East coast lovebirds Ellie Barton and Phil Hendicott said their vows completely starkers in front of 250 clothed guests in Brisbane earlier this year, with Ellie's modesty only partially covered by a bouquet of roses.

A fairy tale marriage…
A Mr. And Mrs Green (in all seriousness)- formerly Keith Green and Christine England of Barnstaple, Devon -married dressed up as Ogres.  In character as Shrek and Princess Fiona, the couple wed in green make up before a wedding party attired as ginger bread men, the three little pigs and blind mice.

Second glances?
Two sets of identical twins were married in a double wedding ceremony in Middleton, Wisconsin on August 11, 2007. Mary and Melissa Wood married Jeffrey and Matthew Lemke and have each recently become proud parents.

Darling its better, down where its wetter?
The trend of deep-sea diving devotees getting hitched under water  is becoming so common that aquariums have begun to cater for such events and even provide unusual witnesses, such as pike and piranha for the wedding.

A long Story
Xie Qiyun a bride from Guangzhou province in Chin, a broke the record for the world’s longest bridal train, at 219 yards. It was the approximate length of two football fields together and trailed behind her up the aisle at her wedding last year.