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Serious style with Vintage Photobooth

We are delighted to continue being regarded as the ‘go to’ company for photobooth experiences around Australia. Vintage Photobooth is an experience your guests will never forget! Brilliant fun, belly aching laughs and nostalgia all in one! There’s something exciting about being in a confined space behind a curtain, where you’re free to be as silly, sexy, cheeky or serious as you want to be and getting Vintage Photobooths to capture every moment. It’s instant, candid and adds a very entertaining twist to your wedding that will have everyone talking long after the party ends.


Capture timeless memories in Australia's largest and most stylish real event booth which is loaded with state of the art photographic equipment and digital technology. Yes, a real event booth! A Vintage Photobooth is a stylish event booth, which features luxurious curtains, cushioned flocked seat, gold frames, black tassels and a slick piano finish. Wide angle lens capturing unique landscape images - no distorted vertical passport head shots here and we have been known to squeeze in up to 12 guests (a party on the inside). Our state of the art professional digital equipment produces extremely high quality 300dpi archival prints. We use a dye-sublimation printing system and all prints are on quality glossy paper. The prints are dry to touch and with the event image disk you can enlarge any pic you like with ease and quality. Among many other features, there's one more thing to point out....custom personalised prints. We have a gorgeous range of print options and formats to select from (12 in all!) – NOT just photo strips, and a graphics team will personally design your graphic detail especially for your wedding day.

We are brimming with ideas as to how a Vintage Photoboooth will help turn your wedding into an extraordinary treasured memory. You are in very safe and professional hands (having been in the event industry for 20 years and the first to launch Photobooths in WA 5 years ago) once you have booked the Vintage Photobooth experience; just sit back, relax and be ready for a night of unforgettable laughter.

Explore the range of possibilities through our website at or email today as Vintage Photobooths have also just launched Kombi Booth - a 1973 VW Kombi retro fitted and converted into a Photobooth! Very vintage, super cool and perfect for a stunning outdoor wedding on the lawns of a winery. Being renowned for its cutting edge take on the traditional photobooth concept, Vintage Photobooth has now taken their technology even further by housing it in an original 1973 VW Kombi. With all the plush fittings and style you would expect from Vintage Photobooths, step into the 'Festive Booth de Wheels' and be transported in time: complete with market umbrella, sun-deck chairs, festoon lighting, props, gorgeous interior portrait lighting, and of course instant photobooth prints! This truly is an experience your guests will never forget!

AND Pop UP Sets - an open air booth experience were a personalised seated scene is created especially for your wedding's feel and style. Any SET can be created and POPPED UP for any theme you wish to explore for your special day. You could be swinging on a star, hanging from a moon or seated on a chaise lounge surrounded by feathers with the release of Vintage Photobooth’s new POP UP SETS; a series of custom built photo installations utilising the unique Vintage Photobooth technology; touch screens, soft portrait lighting, instant branded 300dpi prints, and including all of our wonderful service offerings (a host, online gallery, post event CD, unlimited use). Combine this with the nostalgia and hilarity that Vintage Photobooths are renowned for and get ready for a whole new wave of photo activations that will delight your guests and immortalise your wedding in a way never experienced before.

If you would like to secure a Vintage Photobooth for your wedding or have any queries please don’t hesitate to contact Nerissa on 0457 44 55 77 or via email, happy to help! And do mention this listing to receive a fabulous $200 discount! Squeeze in and let the fun begin and get BOOTH'N.