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Father of the Bride's Speech

Toast the health and happiness of the bride and groom.
Welcome the groom and the groom’s family into his own family
  • Funny anecdotes about your meeting or early impressions and relations with the groom are appropriate here.

Tell anecdotes about the bride, your daughter.
  • Stories from her life. Especially ones which reveal her character and distinct aspects of her nature.
  • These stories should be both funny and meaningful or even sentimental.
  • Relate these to her relationship to you and to her husband.

Share your thoughts about handing her over to her new partner to be cared for.
  • Perhaps offer some advice on marriage, love and life. Be wary though, of preaching to the wise or becoming too long winded and sentimental.

Finish with a toast to the future and happiness of the bride and groom