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The bride and groom are doing a lot of giving in a wedding- and this is the part where they do some well earned getting! They are beginning their new life together- often in a new home- and it is customary for their loved ones and wedding guests to help furnish their new life with gifts for the abode. Furniture, glassware, cutlery and crockery; kitchenware, cookware and fine linens; appliances and electronics; furnishings and decorations- a wedding is one occasion where you certainly cannot complain of being out of gift options! Read More...

Setting Up a Wedding Gift Register

This is a wonderful tradition for the newlyweds, where everyone chips in and helps them to get a head start on all the fittings they will need, creating a home that is perfect for the couple; a home that reflects their unique relationship and tastes.  The organised couple will use this opportunity to the utmost, so that they receive as much of what they really need as possible, rather then finding themselves saddled with THREE of those adorable little garlic press sets that happened to be on special. To avoid guests doubling up on gifts or giving you presents you do not need is the faithful bridal registry. The bridal registry is a list you have compiled of things which you most need for your new home.

What to Include on the Registry?

It is important that both of you get involved in the list making and talk about what you don't currently have and what you might like to update. Choose gifts you both love and that reflect your style. Choose practical items you know you will appreciate owning as well as special items you know you will treasure for the rest of your lives.  The registry can be compiled with the help of a registry company or shop so that you don't forget the teaspoons. You can then mail this list to your guests with your wedding invitations. Most guests will buy you a gift and a registry ensures that they are not wasting their hard earned money on something you do not like, want or need. A gift registry is as much for your guests' convenience as it is for yours.

When to Set Up a Wedding Gift Register?

It's best to set up your gift registry around 8-12 weeks before your wedding or at least two weeks before sending your invitations. Many bridal registries get specific and detail where all these gifts can be obtained at best value. The most sophisticated of them are housed online, and once an item on the list has been acquired for you by a guest, the other guests will be notified to discourage them from buying you a double. You can set up your list in-store with your personal gift consultant or online, guests can also purchase in-store or online.

Online Wedding Gift Registries

Online registries are especially convenient if you are inviting family and friends from the country, interstate or overseas and they're fantastic for busy local guests too! Another option is to set up a "Contribution Registry", where guests are able to make a contribution towards the newlyweds' new life together – which can be put toward home renovations or a honeymoon! Try not to write about gifts on the actual invitation itself, as this comes across as impolite. These days it is usual to include a discreet "invitation insert" with your wedding invitations advising guests of where you have established your bridal registry.

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