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The bucks and hens nights are your last farewell to your wilder bachelor (and - ette) days. While strippers and alcohol fuelled antics have given it a slightly seedy edge, this experience is essentially all about you and your friends. Customarily organised by the maid of honour and the best man, there are a lot of options for a fantastic farewell to the single life outside of the customary night on the town. Read More...
Wine Tours, scenic, tasty and tipsy, you can roll through the swan valley on a bus and finish with a full dinner or a carry on the celebration with cheese platter at a winery along the way.

Spa days and packages, usually more popular with- but not confined to the ladies. Get beautiful together, with manicures, pedicures, facials and massages, all in a pampering party atmosphere.

Fitten up for the wedding or just have yourselves in hysterics with belly dance or pole dance classes, usually culminating in a show where you can display you newfound skill to the amusement of your friends.

This can be a once off or a course, but cooking classes are a fun, relaxed way of messing around with friends surrounded by creativity and great food.

Life drawing classes follow a similar trend, quality time with the people you love that can have you laughing and socialising to your hearts content.

Cruises- get glammed up and spend the evening on the water with your nearest and dearest. Like a sleepover, this cuts out the ‘drop ins' and the fickle prone to ‘disappearing acts', you're in for the long haul which is a great way to get into the celebration.

Party buses and Limmo Rides are glamorous ways to cruise the town and keep the variety up,  
High Tea- sweet and traditional, try teas and munch cupcakes with girlfriends while you browse bride mags and plan the big day.

Sky Dives- for the thrill seekers, try tandem jumps or simply share the fear watching each other face the ultimate. 

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