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Bridesmaids and Flower Girl Dresses Perth

Your wedding attendants are; maid of honour, bridesmaids and flower girls, the parents of the bride and groom, the best man and the ring bearer. These will be the people who will organise your wedding with you and who will share the whole experience minute to minute- (the ring bearer and flower girls, we’ll allow, might have roles limited to looking scrubbed up and pretty but you catch our drift). Read More...

Ideally these people would be the individuals you love and wish to share your happiest and most intimate moments with. The maid of honour, or chief bridesmaid, is traditionally the bride’s closest sister or best friend and the best man the groom’s brother or best friend- and these individuals act as the right hand men and women in wedding planning and operations. The bridesmaids, of whom there are generally two to six, can be a combination of sisters, future sisters in law, cousins and closest friends of the bride. Same again for the groomsmen, brothers, good friends and cousins fit the bill.   Attend the 2015 Perth Bride Exhibition on the 1st of March at the Hyatt Regency Perth for more tips for your big day!

Nominating Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Nominating bridesmaids and groomsmen can be a thorny process as you can easily offend those who don’t make the cut and the last thing you need is disgruntled friends in the lead up to your happiest moment. Ways around this are to keep it small, letting your friends know that much as you love them you can’t have a line of bridesmaids that span the wedding aisle, and that there is much involvement to be had without necessarily being a bridesmaid.

When making your choice consider how much organisation will be involved and pick individuals you know will be willing and able to devote time and energy to wedding planning- and who have the requisite organizational and planning skills- as well as mulling hard over whom you wish to be closest to on the day. Your attendants need to appreciate that wedding planning is a job, and should be up for the work as well as the partying. The maid of honor customarily plans thing like the hens party- just as the best man organizes the buck’s night. The rest of the wedding work can be split and relegated between bridesmaids, parents and groomsmen as you choose.

Once the Decision is Made...

As soon as you have chosen your bridesmaids and groomsmen you should organise an occasion or several for them to meet and get to know each other. If they aren’t already in each others social circle an acquaintance is important for a group of people who will be working closely together over the coming months and who will be sharing your big day. Having socialized before, the bridal party will be getting along easily by the wedding day and you shouldn’t then have to worry about them splitting off into his and hers groups or suffering through an evening filled with long awkward silences.

Bridesmaids Dresses to Wear on the Day

The outfits of the bridal attendants are usually coordinated with the attire of the bride and groom. While the bridesmaids are usually decked out in simpler gowns tailored to complement the bride, groomsmen formality varies from gloves and top hats to bow ties and cummerbunds. The bridal party’s attire needn’t be entirely uniform and bridesmaid dresses can me made to accommodate the different figures of your bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids can choose a fabric and then tailor and fit it to different styles for each bridesmaid so each looks her best while coordinating with the color scheme and general wedding theme. Neutral tones - shades of latte, pastels and pinks are popular bridesmaids’ picks to offset the bridal white, though they vary completely according to the individual wedding. Shop together as a bridal party, and settle on a budget before you shop as the accepted rule is that each bridesmaid pays for her own gown, and everyone’s income is a little different.

Flower Girls and the Ring Bearer

Your flower girls, usually nephews, nieces, god children or any cherub like and willing child of a friend, customarily carry rose petals or flowers up the aisle behind you and add the ‘cute’ element to your wedding. The ring bearer – traditionally a little boy- carries the ring up the aisle on a cushion. In order to thank you attendants it is customary to offer them a small token of appreciation.

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