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The Best Man's Speech

Always first with the thank you’s !!!

  • Thank the groom for the honour of being his best man.
  • Thank your hosts
  • Thank the bride and groom for gifts they will have given to you and to the bridesmaids.

Complement the bride and bridesmaids

The heart of your speech will be about the groom
Humour is appropriate and expected here.
  • Tell tales and funny anecdotes about the groom; both the silly and the great things he has done in the time you have known him.
  • Use stories that will reveal his character and the best aspects of his nature - not just the embarrassing stories.
  • Keep it clean and family friendly!

Talk about the bride and her relationship with your friend.
Tell any anecdotes about their relationship or times you have shared with them.

  • Deliver any messages from absent guests or speak on behalf of anyone who may have asked you to do so.
  • Toast the bride and groom’s future happiness together.
  • If there is no master of ceremonies you may be expected to announce the cutting of the cake.


  • Never mention the grooms past relationships!
  • Introduce yourself and state your relationship to the bride and groom