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Your Wedding, Your Way!

Perth Bride Magazine - Thursday, July 02, 2015

After planning my own wedding and attending many others, I soon learnt that we can get so caught up in ticking off all the right boxes that we forgot we can choose to do things differently. Tradition provides us with a great guide, however, there are a lot of different ways we can choose to plan our wedding and not everything we think we need is necessary.

Take for example your cake. Traditionally most people buy one large cake or a beautiful array of cupcakes. Yet, ever thought about buying a selection of smaller cakes and presenting them as a dessert buffet? The choice would be fantastic for your guests and it would resolve the tension of having to choose just one flavour of cake!   

Another feature you could consider revamping is your guestbook. Why not have your MC provide paper and pens on each table and throughout the night have guests write down marriage advice to the bride and groom. For some entertainment, the MC could read a few of them out during the night. There will be laughs all round! You’ll not only have some memorable advice but you’ll also have a keepsake of it to read after your wedding.

Perhaps the ideas of having a flower girl or pageboy isn’t appealing to you, then why not keep it to just your bridal party? You’ll not only save on costs for their outfits, a basket and the ring pillow, but also time in having them attend your wedding rehearsal.

If having a line for your guests to greet you after your ceremony doesn't suit your style, why not take the opportunity to get a huge group photo instead. It will not only be fun, but a great way to say hi to many of your guests while you all get ready for the photo! It will make a great picture to frame later too! 

Not a fan of following a structured order for your reception? Why not mix it up by choosing a range of MCs for your reception. Perhaps one friend can welcome guests, another can announce speeches and someone else can conclude the night. Or, get your bridal party or maid of honour and bestman to MC the reception.

Finally, if a big wedding exit of a human arch isn't your thing, then why not opt for a quiet exit to sneak out before your guests leave? Or if you want to go out with a spark, consider having a sparkler exit! They make beautiful photos! 

While tradition provides some great guides, not everything has to be a part of your wedding and some things can be changed to suit your style. Each bride is unique and your wedding should be an expression of you and your partner.

By Rachael Tan