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Wedding Myths Uncovered

Perth Bride Magazine - Saturday, October 12, 2013

5 wedding myths uncovered from superstition, myths and tradition.

1. Bride must walk down the aisle with father
This tradition came from the time of arranged marriages, when women were considered property of men. As we no longer believe this notion, today this tradition symbolises fathers blessing of the bride and acknowledgment of the transition from being his daughter into a grown woman.

2. Must wear white
Brides traditionally wore their "Sunday best" on their wedding day until wearing white became popular in the 1840s by Queen Victoria who selected to wear white, thus creating an international trend, which turned into a tradition. The color white is commonly associated with purity and modesty, hence its association with virginity.

3. Wedding ring on the left hand
The wedding ring has been worn on the left hand ring finger since Roman times, its been said that this finger 's vein ran directly to the heart, known as the "vein of love". Although we now know this is not true, the tradition continues. The exchange of rings as the circle is a symbol of everlasting love.

4. Wearing a Veil
This tradition has also been thought to ward off evil spirits, and it has long been said that it is bad luck for the groom to see his bride before the ceremony.

5. Something Old, New, Borrowed and Blue
This originally came from superstition called for the bride wearing something from each of these categories in order to ward off evil spirits.

Old represents the bride's family and past while symbolizing a sense of continuity from being a bachelorette to a married woman.

New represents the transition to adulthood while others believe it represents good fortune and success in the bride's life.

Borrowed was believed to remind the bride that her family will always be there for her should she need them; others believed borrowing something from a happily married couple for the wedding day would allow good fortune to come their way.

Finally, blue symbolizes purity, constancy and fidelity.