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Smartbleach Teeth Whitening

Perth Bride Magazine - Friday, October 17, 2014

Smartbleach® teeth whitening uses a unique and patented process that combines green light and specially formulated red gel to create a photodynamic treatment that is highly effective yet gentle on the tooth enamel. The treatment is an in-office tooth whitening/bleaching system which can only be performed by trained dentists. The actual bleaching procedure takes only 27 minutes and is shown to effectively remove external and internal tooth discoloration. The techniques used in the Smartbleach® treatment are a result of extensive research completed over more than 14 years. The general observation that started the research was that people living in countries with sunnier climates tended to have whiter teeth than those in climates that had minimal sunshine.

For many people a single treatment is all that is needed to achieve their desired result. However, certain special stains, such as antibiotic staining from childhood, may need two or even three treatments. With regular dental care the lasting result from the Smartbleach® treatment, in Europe and Australia, has shown that the benefits can last for years.


Smartbleach® is more effective and longer lasting than any other method of whitening natural teeth. Two universities in Europe did comparisons with other methods of teeth whitening, and the results showed that Smartbleach® had the best results. Many patients highly recommend using  Smartbleach®, and have experienced positive results after their treatment was completed, including editor of Perth Bride Magazine, Sharon O'Sullivan.  These are a few statements made:

“I totally recommend the Smartbleach® laser teeth-whitening treatment because it really works!! The treatment itself was painless. It did not damage my teeth in any way. I did not experience discomfort in any way whatsoever. Thank you once again.”

R. Werderane

"I'm so excited. I never would have believed my teeth could look so good. People have always commented on my smile and now they comment on how beautiful and white my teeth are. They're fabulous! Every time I look in the mirror I'm surprised at how great they look and how white they are. I'm so impressed and so happy!"  

Julie Eastgate.

If you would like to know more about Smartbleach® you can book to have a free consultation with a Smartbleach® approved dentist. This consultation is entirely without obligation, and the dentist will be able tell you if your teeth are suitable and show you the results that are guaranteed. If you decide you want to proceed you can schedule a time for the treatment.

If you would like to know more contact your nearest Smartbleach® authorised dentist on:

1800 253 224 (Australia Only)