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Re-wearing the bridesmaids dress

Perth Bride Magazine - Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Buying a bridesmaids dress can be costly, whether you have to pay it yourself or paid by the bride. Choosing the bridesmaids dress is a skill - it's a balance of being classy and still able to complement (not consuming) the bride's look on her big day, not to mention it has to look stylish on its own.  

If you are lucky to get a bridesmaids dress that ticks all the criteria above, high five to you. But in real life, it's harder to say than to find it.  As a bridesmaids who has a real budget to work with, we try to tick as many criteria as we can, and on top of this, we want to re-wear it again even after the wedding  (double high 5 if you have it already). At Perth Bride, we might have a tip or two to share with you. 

1. A classic strapless dress with floral details in lavender

This beautiful lavender dress from Collezione is romantic and sensual. The details at the tops makes it different to the typical strapless maxi. Putting your hair up makes you look elegant while having hair down can look effortlessly stylish. 

On the wedding day, try to have some sparkly jewellery on your hair (e.g. head band or hair clip) to create a hint of a Greek-goddess inspired look at the top . Wear a delicate necklace and a bracelet to streamline the look. For the shoe, try a satin strap heels to create a hint of feminine touch.

This dress can be re-worn again for a summer dinner night out with friend, let loose of your hair, try curling it to create the beachy wave (think Serena in Gossip Girl). Pair it a vintage inspired statement necklace and some colour bangle. To complete the look, try a pair of strappy sandals or heels to create the effortless romantic look. 

2. A gold sequin dress

This sequin dress from Billion Dollar Babe might not be your typical bridesmaids dress but it can be very versatile if styled in the right way. The sequin textures really has the jazzy glamorous feel but the loose fitting gives it a modern touch and allow you to move around easily and dancing for the after party

On the wedding day, create a clean hair bun or ponytail to make sure your hair is not competing with the dress. As for accessories, consider a statement ring to compliment the glamorous texture of the dress. For the shoe, pair it with a classic nude pump that allows you to walk comfortably. 

After the wedding day, you can re-wear it for a evening drink with your friend. This time, try a messy wavy ponytail , pair it with a biker jacket to create a juxtaposition for the glamorous meets tough biker chic look. Lastly, complete the look with a leather ankle boot. 

3. Classic skater dress 

You know you cannot go wrong with a super classic skater dress from Tuscany in this colour. It goes with any body type and there's a million ways to wear and re-wear this differently. This classic silhouette gives a very timeless and chic look. Take some risk on the colour or the pattern if you can find any of them.

On the wedding day, you can have any hairstyle for this dress as long as it is easy for you to move around (think Kate Middleton hair on her royal wedding)  , accessorise it with a bejewelled belt, choose a delicate necklace and pair it with a statement ring. Streamline the look with a nude peep toe and you have the very  timeless look. There's no way you can go wrong with a dress like this. If you want to take some risk, choose statement necklace as long as it can compliment other bridesmaids and the bride's look

Consider wearing it on day time, pair it with a cashmere cardigan, put your hair down and pair it with a classic flap - you are ready to go for a high tea with the girls. Try another look with a Chanel-inspired tweet jacket and pair it with a classic nude heels, another look that is appropriate for a corporate meeting. 

4. One-sided knee length dress with a soft pop of colour 

  This one-sided dress from Tuscany has a pop of colour makes the bridesmaid dress unique but not over-powering. This slightly pale yellow is subtle enough to wear to any occasion but not predictable and boring. The skater  fitting of the bottom part of the dress makes it easy to move around and t the knee-length make is classy and appropriate for any formal occasion.

On the wedding day, try a classic velvet belt or a bejewelled belt to emphasis the waistline, and consider a statement earring. Pair a similar bracelet to match the earring. For the shoe, complete the look with a pointe stilettos in any colour/pattern that could compliment the dress.

To re-wear it again, put a fitting blazer with a pearl  earring with a classic stilettos makes you look appropriate for a corporate function. In another time, braid you hair to create mermaid look at the top and pair it with some colour blocking clutch and shoe to make it fashion forward. 


  • If you find a dress that you really like and can be dress up and down but does not fit perfectly, considered alteration and consult with the assistant on you can do so won't miss the opportunity.
  • Material speaks for the dress. Consider better quality material such as silk that will shape the best of your figure and feeling comfortable for wearing it for a long day.
  • Sparkly design is good for a glamorous event but not necessarily functional on a daily basis. Consider buying a plain dress but pair it with some bejewelled accessories that is removable (e.g. brooch, belt, hair accessories, etc).
  • If the dress have a classic and simple silhouette, try to take some risk on the colour. If the dress have a more trendy fitting, try to choose a plain colour to let the silhouette make a statement.
  • Choose a dress that lets you move around. Try to walk around when you are doing your fitting because a girl can only feel confidence if she is comfortable with what she is wearing.

Yes, Coco-Chanel  philosophy is  'less is more', but the most important part is to stay balance. Make an effort to find some accessories on the wedding day to make it look a day that is worth the celebration. If you are not use to wearing accessories, try  some dainty and classy jewelry to complete the look!!