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Meeting with you photographer: What info they'll want from you

Perth Bride Magazine - Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Meeting with Your Wedding Photographer: What Info They’ll Want From You

The days of the stuffy cookie cutter wedding photography are long gone. Trends now have gone much more in the direction of capturing the event from start to finish, showing a timeline of the process. People now have engagement photos as a starting point that leads to the wedding photography. Couples are opting now for having the pre-wedding process photographed. Including the groomsmen palling around beforehand, the ceremony itself, the reception and drive-away.

With so many new trends cropping up in wedding photography thanks to the digital era, it’s important that you figure out what elements you want to incorporate in the photos of your day. And choosing the right photographer is paramount to meeting these requirements. To help you along your wedding photographer will likely ask you some or all of the following questions in your initial meeting.

Style of Wedding Photography
A photographer is first likely to ask what you want to do with your wedding photography. They want to know if you prefer more traditional photography of your wedding (where everything is posed and perfect) or if you would prefer something that shows the event more naturally. This style is often referred to as a ‘photojournalism style’. Many photographers are happy to incorporate elements of both styles. Couples are often interested in having a few "posed" photos of the wedding party (usually too keep the mother-in-law happy), but want to capture the process in a realistic style. 


Personal Connection

More particularly, photographers and couples will be trying to get a "feel" for one another. The photographer will show samples of their work from different weddings, and ask questions about what the prospective couple likes and dislikes. They will ask questions related to personal interests to gain a feel for the client. Many photographers will ask specifics about the engagement. Some people even choose to have their engagement photographed as a part of the entire process. 

Dollars and Cents

The issue of budget will also undoubtedly come about. The truth is, just about any professional wedding photographer can provide the same products (various framing and album options.) The photographer will ask questions about any specific products you might want to buy on top of the photography itself. Be honest about your budget and answer honestly about what you want and can afford. The most important part of selecting a photographer is a connection to the actual photography itself, not the products they offer afterward. 

The Fine Points and Details

There will be even more questions about the actual wedding itself. They will want to know how many people are expected at the wedding and reception. They'll want to know the location of the wedding and if it is going to be more formal or informal. One important rule for wedding photographers is to blend-in, so as not to be a centre of attention. For this reason, they may specifically ask how you would prefer that they dress. They'll want to know specifics about a rehearsal and more particularly, if there is a wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators will often have some thoughts on the photography, so it's important that they understand the chain of command. 

Customs and Restrictions

Finally, whether the photographer asks or not, it's important to tell them who is performing the ceremony, and tell them about any religious customs or restrictions that may impact the wedding photography. The last thing a professional photographer will want is to make anyone feel uncomfortable or create unnecessary attention. 

Being prepared for these questions and understanding the type of photography options that exist are very important. The key is to make a personal connection with the photographer and appreciate his or her particular work. The wedding day comes and goes quickly, and proper photography can help immortalise the entire event with accurate and fond memories. 

About the author

Anna-Nicole Del Re is a professional photographer and the Marketing & Operations Manager at Viva Photography, a leading Wedding photographer in Perth Western Australia and Melbourne Victoria. Connect with Anna-Nicole on Google+.