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Behind the scenes - Cover shoot 2015

Perth Bride Magazine - Thursday, August 28, 2014

If the cover photo of the Perth Bride Magazine already got your attention, we are here to uncover what is behind the camera .......

The very beautiful model, Jade Morgan walking down the studio with her own boots and Zanzis gown looking like a punk princess (talking about soft meets rock?) 


Remember Lisa Chester? Who was also in the Brides by Design photoshoot (and many other photoshoots really) You can't go wrong with her work, almost magical...... 


The photo-shoot cannot get any better than having two beautiful models (Jade Morgan & Aleisha Jones) together 


The very professional team from Perth Bride making sure everything is perfect

Taking a peek from Chris Huzzard's camera 

Probably three of my favourite pictures I have captured on that day. Jade has been kind enough to pose for my Iphone while she is on break. 

The gown from Zanzis are just perfection with beautiful laces and delicate textures, absolutely gorgeous! 


Lisa Chester looking professional and attentive with Jade.

You are never tired when working with a team of talented people with laughters and joys  #bestjobever

Chris Huzzard, the ultra talented photographer who can turn everything ordinary to MAGICAL !! 


Jade with the oh-so-beautiful gown from Zanzis