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A day at Fraser Suite

Perth Bride Magazine - Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fraser Suites Perth is conveniently located at East Perth, towards the end of Adelaide Terrace - close proximity to the Perth City, but quiet enough for you to unwind and relax before the biggest day of your life. The location in Fraser Suites Perth is one of a kind, overlooking the beautiful Swan River and just a one minute walk from the Queen Gardens. After all, Fraser Suites is well-known for excellent location for their chains all around the world.

The Fraser Suites is perfect as a wedding venue, offering a full package for what you looking for in a wedding - from the stunning room view, spacious wedding suite, to the exquisite wedding reception and venue, etc

The wedding room comes with a spacious living room, making it convenient for brides to get ready for the big day. The bedroom is very sophisticated but still cosy, and of course with full length windows that oversee the magnificent Swan River. 

Just when we think Fraser Suites Perth has already ticked all the boxes of what a good wedding hotel should be , they have exceeded our expectation by teaming up with one of the most popular Celebrity chef in the country - Pete Evans. Pete has revamped the restaurant menus and introduced new wedding banquet menus for Fraser Suites Perth. With the new wedding banquet menu, you are sure that besides the gorgeous gowns, amazing venue, your palate will be extremely pleased at the end of the night.

A selection of wedding menu can be chose by you depending on what's your choices and budget. The wedding menu designed by Pete Evans  was divine and impressive - from the entree, mains to dessert. Fraser Suites  constantly emphasizes on using high quality locally source product, and each of these suppliers are selected by Pete Evans himself. Not to mention the hospitality in Fraser Suites, each of the team member are extremely attentive in assisting everyone on different enquiries.  


We were  very lucky to try some of the finger food flying around the venue on the wedding show itself. You are sure to impress your wedding guests with all these exquisite food on the big day.

On the wedding show itself, we have a chance to meet Pete Evans himself. Having seen him in person cooking and explaining many nutritional fact really is the spotlight of the day, reminding us that healthy gourmet food can exist in the wedding day as well.

Oh!!  we also get to try out the food he freshly made on that day *wicked smile*


look at the avocado prawn on the screen (yummmmmm)

It really is a very unique experience for us to know what Fraser Suites Perth has to offer, from the perfect wedding accommodation to exquisite wedding food, we conclude that Fraser Suites Perth definitely exceed our expectation in what a wedding reception and venue should be.

Lastly, here you go with an evening shot outside the Bridal balcony suite, you know you have hit the jackpot when you are relaxing with your love one overlooking  this view, perhaps with a glass of champagne.