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10 Tips for Stress-Free Wedding Planning!

Perth Bride Magazine - Sunday, March 29, 2015

1. Create a budget

A budget will not only help you plan how much you want to spend on your wedding, it will also help you account for what you can and have spent. 

2. Prioritise the big things first

Your wedding date, venue, celebrant and photographer are among the first things to organise. The rest of your wedding details can be arranged later.

3. Know your strengths and weaknesses

If choosing transport or a music playlist isn’t your thing, delegate those jobs to someone else so you can work on what you enjoy. Find out what your hubby to be enjoys and let him plan those things.

4. Enlist help

Gather a list of family and friends that can help on the day or prior, and start allocating jobs. The more help you have, the less you need to think about.  

5. Plan ahead

Diarise when you want to send your engagement, save the date or wedding invites out. This will help you know when to begin making or printing them. 

6. Create a vision board

A vision board will help you discover what wedding style you like and it will keep you feeling inspired. Pinterest is a great way to do this. 

7. Use spreadsheets 

Note down names, contacts and payment due dates so your mind is free of these things. 

8. Buy for your honeymoon before your wedding

Look out for sales and start putting aside any items you buy.  Come honeymoon time, you’ll have a new wardrobe!

9. Book your beauty appointments in advance

Your waxing, nails, hair cut and day spa treatments can be booked in advance so it’s one less thing you have to think about a few weeks before your wedding.

10. Remember why you are getting married

After the vows, photos, smiles and greetings to your guests are over; it’s all about your marriage! Remember that although you want a beautiful wedding, the true beauty begins the day after, when your marriage starts.

By Rachael Tan